SuperData 預測 任天堂 Switch 今年能賣出500萬台

任天堂Switch主機發售在即,各家媒體對於這台新主機普遍持觀望態度,而IGN則給出了6.7分的臨時評分。今天數據研究網站SuperData Research也發布預測稱:這款備受關注的新興主機今年將會售出500萬台。



“Nintendo is gearing up for a slow-and-steady release of its new console,” SuperData said. “Launching much earlier in the year than its predecessors, we expect the Switch to initially appeal mostly to the loyal fanbase, before a broader, more mainstream audience adopts it.”



「任天堂所要面對的最大挑戰是:他需要說服已經有了一台主機的玩家再去買台Switch,這些玩家中很多已經入手了PS4(全世界玩家基數約5340萬)和Xbox One(2600萬人)。」

“The biggest challenge for Nintendo is to convince console gamers to purchase the Switch as a second device, as many have already committed to a PlayStation 4 (53.4 million install base, worldwide) or Xbox One (26 million),” SuperData said.


The Switch may be slow to start, SuperData said, in part because of its “high starting price and the absence of strong launch titles.”


「一台沒有任何捆綁套餐的新主機剛上市就標價300美元,這個門檻相對來說有點高。要知道PS4和Xbox One可是已經降價了,並且還有著免費遊戲政策。」SuperData解釋說。

“Asking $300 for a new console without a bundled game is a comparatively higher barrier to entry for consumers, considering that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are already discounted and come with a free game,” the firm explained.

Via: Gamespot