Steam 官方玩家論壇即將正式關閉 6 月 5 日起永久性封鎖

近日,玩家發現Steam的玩家論壇(Users’ Forums)突然進不去了,Valve在這之前並沒有給出任何的預警和通知,隨後一名V社員工John McCaskey在Reddit上解釋了Steam玩家論壇(Users’ Forums)的突發狀況,並向被嚇到的玩家表達了歉意。

John McCaskey表示Steam玩家論壇(Users’ Forums)將會在2017年6月5日正式關閉,對於先前突然關閉論壇而且沒有通知玩家進行了致歉,因此他們決定重新開啟玩家訪問論壇的權限,但並不會開啟很久,重新開啟是為了讓玩家能夠有時間保存一些自己覺得論壇上有意義的內容,6月5日起會永久關閉。

Yesterday these forums went down, and we quickly heard from many of you that you wished there had been some warning so you could save off or archive some of the content here.

You were right that we failed by not communicating that the forums would go down and giving you a chance to save off content. As such, we’ve now restored access to the forums, but we won’t be able to continue to support them long term. They will go down permanently on June 5th, 2017. We encourage you to save off any posts or content that you find valuable in that timeframe or to migrate them to Steam Community Discussions.

Steam社區(Steam Community)的出現取代了Steam玩家論壇,但還是有一些玩家對於老論壇很有感情,V社這次沒有通知直接就關閉的行為確實有些不可思議,據Alexa網站統計,有近7%的網友都是通過論壇訪問Steam的的,好在之後官方又重新開啟論壇,給了玩家一定的緩衝時間。


Via: Are these forums dead?