Sony 總裁:PSV 仍具有活力! Switch 不會影響 PS4 銷量

SIE美國總裁Shawn Layden近日接受了《時代周刊》的採訪,談到了對PlayStation前景的看法,Layden表示,PS4自2013年發售至今,已經賣出了6000萬台,這是PS系列主機取得的最好成績。


Layden說,去年Sony在60天的時間內,連續推出了 PS4 slim , PS VR PS4 Pro 三款新品,他們或許以後不會在如此鋌而走險,不過如今三款新品的表現都還不錯,全球範圍內PSVR今年二月份銷售量約為90萬套,如今總銷量超過百萬套,而每售出5台PS4 Slim,就會賣出一台PS4 Pro,這個結果超出了Sony的預期。

“As you’ll recall, last year we performed the daredevil stunt of launching three new pieces of hardware in 60 days. Probably won’t do that again,” quips Layden during a sit-down with TIME. He’s talking about the $399 PlayStation 4 Pro (a souped up PlayStation 4 that outputs way snazzier graphics), PlayStation VR (a $399 virtual reality headset that couples with the PlayStation 4 for wraparound alt-reality experiences) and a slimmer, sleeker $299 version of the baseline PlayStation 4. All three arrived last fall, and Sony says sales have been booming.


「所有主機將死的謠言都為時過早,」Layden說,「事實上,根據NPD的數據,PS4和Xbox One的銷量加起來,達到了主機遊戲從未有過的規模,而這只是在美國本土。」另外SIE銷售主管Jim Ryan表示,「在北美,我們和Xbox的銷量將近2:1,而在歐洲,銷量至少是3:1。」

“All of the rumors of the demise of the console are very much premature,” says Layden. “In fact if you’re watching [sales tracker] NPD for PS4 and Xbox One sales, you put those together and console gaming has never been as big and vibrant as it is right now. And that’s just here in the States.” Zip across the pond, and the story tilts further in Sony’s favor. “It’s been pleasing that in North America, we’ve been 2-to-1 against Xbox,” says Ryan. “But in Europe, it’s really been fortress PlayStation by at least 3-to-1 in unit sales.”


Layden says the Japanese publishers are also coming back, listing off recent games like Resident Evil 7, Nioh, Nier: Automata, Persona 5 and Final Fantasy XV as examples. “That’s super important for us,” he says. “I think a lot of Japanese developers lost their way chasing the mobile games yen, if you will, but they’re coming back to console in a major way. And speaking of, we’ll have some big announcements at E3 in that precise vein.”


Layden calls the Switch “a great success for Nintendo” and admits that “it’s definitely what that fanbase has been waiting for.” But he sees the system as less a rival than a complementary traveler, claiming that Switch sales have had no discernible impact on the sell-through for PlayStation 4. “When you look at our numbers, I think it shows that a lot of gamers are a two-console family,” he adds. “And quite often those two consoles are PlayStation and Nintendo sitting side-by-side.”



Another winning-so-far formula few saw coming is Nintendo’s notion of a games console you can play anywhere you like, shifting from your hands to your TV in seconds. In 2005, Sony began its own foray into handheld gaming with a device it dubbed the PlayStation Portable. The PSP sold in excess of 80 million units, and in 2012, a followup dubbed the PS Vita arrived—a contemporaneously mighty mobile, but one that sold a fraction as many units. In light of what Nintendo seems to be illustrating, that there is appetite for a consumer device that preserves the higher-end console experience on the go, would Sony ever revisit a once formidable bailiwick?


Via: Everything Sony Told Us About the Future of PlayStation