Bungie 表示不會拋棄初代《天命》未來還會繼續更新




Destiny 1 is still a game that will be there for players. We’ve planned to support it for the foreseeable future, so while we do have a sense of finality and closure as the theme of this [Age of Triumph] event, we are by no means turning the lights off on Destiny 1.

If they [players] decide they want to revisit the things that they did in Destiny 1, the game will still be there for them. And, for someone who might join the adventure in progress, and they might want to go back to the beginning and discover how it all started? Those origin stories will be waiting for them.


日前,《天命2》已經正式公布了預告片,新作除Xbox One,PS4主機平台外,確認登陸PC平台,並支援中文。

Via: playstationlifestyle