Steam 獨立遊戲《Battle Brothers》製作人感嘆語言轉換不易 轉換文本量比《巫師3》的一半還多



不久前開發了獨立遊戲《戰場兄弟(Battle Brothers)》,並在Steam平台正式推出的Overhype工作室就在Steam社區發文感嘆,小工作室的獨立遊戲進行本地化真的是相當不易。

There’s more than 250,000 words now in the game (that’s more than half of what The Witcher 3 has!), and in many places, like character backgrounds, we combine various pieces of text to produce new ones. This works fine with English grammar, but it falls apart quickly as we move to other languages. Supporting other languages would therefore mean not only having vast amounts of texts translated, but changing how texts are used throughout the game. All this would have come with a significant cost both in terms of time and money that we had to weigh carefully against any potential gains, and against how we could otherwise spend those resources (e.g. create new content instead). Many of you offered to help with translations, and we’re very thankful for this. However, as you can see, things aren’t as simple, and technical hurdles make any kind of translation unfeasible.



Battle Brothers Launch Trailer




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