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王國風雲2 v2.6.1.1升級檔+免DVD補丁SKIDROW版 補丁下載 ,《王國風雲2》免DVD光碟版[整合全62DLC含最新The Reapers Due]補丁:王國風雲2(Crusader Kings II)v2.6.1.1升級檔+免DVD補丁SKIDROW版

王國風雲2 v2.6.1.1升級檔+免DVD補丁SKIDROW版 補丁下載







開發日記 – 修復補丁2.6.1.1 [SKBW] 8月30日 – BJORNB

問候!如果你正在讀這篇文章,你生存了[S]發生[/ s]的推出死神的交付的。也許你現在覺得希望的攪拌;可以重建社會?但是,沒有,該DLC是太惡毒,太離譜蔓延,現在是地方性的CK2而不能治癒,是沒有希望的。


# Bug修復

– 從基本的遊戲修正歌曲情境的歌曲被禁用

– 如果上下文歌沒有找到要播放的歌曲,一首歌曲現在將通過忽略上下文點歌系統選擇

– 修正後的孩子長大成人,當你沒有秘密會議沒有得到他們的教育特質

– 不能再盟友調入戰爭反對自己的君主

– 您現在可以通過殺死哈里發獲得成就「教皇麻車」,被描述為暗示

– 當你有一個非嚴重的癥狀流行病不再拖延,如果你被感染

– 在「慾望母系婚姻」AI修改不再發生在母系婚姻被禁用

– 馬醫生得到好一點

– 無能的人們不再偷你的菜隱居

– 字符不會在政治迫害指責他們的君主,因為他們必須批准他們

– 蕃將不再拒絕他們的君主的​​結婚可能訂婚提供了獲得「更好的聯盟」

– 不再你會得到不高興你的配偶/父母的墳墓被搶劫,如果你是強盜

– 刪除的可能性來搜索性能的原因部分標題

– 太監只能選擇一個新郎繼承人的野心,如果他們有一個活生生的孩子

– 修正了當一個基督教聖階建立了一個新城堡的幾起案件,您將得到通知貝特德揚建,而不是實際的城堡

– 法院醫生現在總是要錢自己的君主。

– 通用輪迴事件需要你的繼承人是你的孩子

– 增加了一些更多的AI,當宗教的負責人要歸咎於猶太人當瘟疫流行的因素

– 修正了輪迴事件一些破碎的文字

– 由事件產生的3021現在的牧師有教育

– 殺人犯現在免疫修剪(防止紅色頭骨來自領先無處)

– 誰是標記為玩家特別感興趣,可能免疫修剪字符不再由法院洗面奶打死

– 修正了問題,與囚犯能夠抱怨他們的君主,該校長在他的妻子看不恰當

– 增加了賽義德的性狀·哈迪(ID 188648),曼蘇爾的兒子

– 修復崩潰發生在使用自定義地圖的一些器官功能障礙綜合征。

– 修正了一個問題是,你會被通知吃自己的親密王朝成員

– 修正了867薩米設定

– 事件WoL.6120將現在只能觸發成人字

– 進一步降低,16歲以下患癌症的幾率

– 統治者,現在願意談判互不侵犯條約與他們的附庸

– 修正了使異教徒懲罰得當訂婚/結婚

– 改裝成遊戲規則,現在應該正確加載。

– 固定的,所以叫盟友警報不再顯示,如果它是對你的盟友的君主一戰

– 使用自定義地圖時,修正了崩潰

在此之後,我們將努力在2.6.2補丁這將,以及一般的固定,增加一些活動和內容,我們想出太晚釋放做可能已經提出就這個問題和其他論壇發布-release -and關於這一點,請大家繼續提出新的遊戲規則。但是2.6.2細節是未來的DD,那就是現在!


Dev Diary – Hotfix Patch [SKBW] 8月30日    – BJORNB

Greetings! If you are reading this you have survived the [S]outbreak[/s] launch of The Reaper’s Due. Perhaps you now feel a stirring of hope; can society rebuild? But no, the DLC was too virulent and has spread too far, it is now endemic to CK2 and cannot be cured, there is no hope. 

Certain death aside, we are very happy with the reception of Reaper’s Due and the reactions it’s getting. We have had a few problems, but our Code Physicians have been working hard on a cure and if all goes well we’ll be releasing a hotfix today. It’ll cover the education bug non-Conclave owners have, the lack of music when the Context sensitive option is used, and various other things: The Reaper's Due

# Bugfixes

– Fixes songs from the base game being disabled in contextual songs

– If the contextual song doesn't find a song to play, a song will now be chosen by ignoring the contextual song system

– Fixed children not getting their education trait upon becoming adults when you don't have Conclave

– Can no longer call ally into war against their own liege

– You can now get the achievement 'Papal Mache' by killing a Caliph, as implied by the description

– Epidemic diseases no longer stall if you are infected while you have a non-serious symptom

– The "desires a matrilineal marriage" AI modifier no longer happens when matrilineal marriages are disabled

– Horse doctors got a little better

– Incapable people no longer steal your food in seclusion

– characters will not accuse their liege during witch hunts since they have to approve them

– Vassals will no longer refuse their liege's marriage or betrothal offers to get a "better alliance"

– No longer will you get upset about your spouse/parent's grave getting robbed if you were the robber

– Removed the possibility to search for partial titles for performance reasons

– Eunuchs may only select the Groom an Heir ambition if they have a living child

– Fixed several cases of when a Christian Holy Order built a new castle, you would be notified that Beit Dejan was built, instead of the actual castle

– Court physicians now always ask their own liege for money.

– Generic reincarnation event requires your heir to be your child

– Added some more ai factors for when head of religion wants to blame Jews for the plague

– Fixed some broken text in reincarnation event

– The priest generated by event 3021 now has an education

– Murderers are now immune to prune (prevents the red skull from leading nowhere)

– Characters who are marked as special interest by the player, or immune to pruning are no longer killed by the court cleanser

– Fixed in issue with prisoners being able to complain to their liege that the chancellor was looking inappropriately at his wife

– Added the sayyid trait to al-Hadi (id 188648), son of Al-Mansur

– Crash fix that occurred in some mods using custom maps.

– Fixed an issue were you would be notified of eating your own close dynasty members

– Fixed 867 Sápmi setup

– Event WoL.6120 will now only trigger for adult characters

– Further reduced odds of under 16s getting cancer

– Rulers are now willing to negotiate non-aggression pacts with their vassals

– Fixed so infidel penalty is applied properly  for betrothal/marriage

– Modded game rules should now be loaded properly.

– Fixed so call ally alert no longer shows if it's a war against your ally's liege

– Fixed a crash when using custom maps

After this, we’ll be working on the 2.6.2 patch which will, as well as general fixing, add some more events and content we thought up too late to do for the release or that have been suggested on this and other forums post-release -and on that note, please continue to suggest new Game Rules. But 2.6.2 details are for future DDs, that’s all for now!




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